The Problem with the Word ‘Hoarder’ | minimalism

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The word ‘hoarder’ is thrown around a lot in minimalism circles, so much so that I often feel that I’ll be granted the minimalist badge of honour for not exclaiming, like many others “I went from a hoarder to minimalist!”. That doesn’t matter, as competition isn’t what minimalism is, and it’s something I try to stay away from as much as possible since I’m naturally quite competitive anyway!  Continue reading “The Problem with the Word ‘Hoarder’ | minimalism”

An Ode to Holland | beer

Oh craft beer, where would I be without you?

Probably with a slightly healthier bank balance, but hey, I happily give that up for the joy of finding the hoppiest IPAs and most coffee-ish Russian Imperial Stouts.

Such things bring me joy.

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Photo by me at Brouwerij Troost, Amsterdam


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Authenticity vs Originality | minimalism

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My boyfriend is a composer (Yes! Modern day composers do exist!) and writes in a style I’d personally call “music I want to listen to”, in contrast to many of his peers who write things I’d consider more “sound art” which is brilliant, yet not exactly what you want to listen to when trying to enjoy a light-hearted breakfast or a romantic dinner. He regularly faces the dilemma, question, and exclaimation of many modern composers- and creatives in general- in an explicitly stated way: “Authenticity! Originality! Which is better? Which should one aim for?!”

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Post without Picture |living

My experience with mental health is perhaps not the most riveting reading subject you will stimble across today, but as I want to present my authentic self here, on my own  writing platform, I feel it’s important to begin talking about it, slowly, slowly, as my own little chip in the block of society’s stigma surrounding it.

It also touches, indeed, on the issue of authenticity vs originality which is something I’m excited to write about in-depth soon.  Continue reading “Post without Picture |living”

Rousseau Would Turn in his Grave: The Social Contract | philosophy

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Lying awake in the throes of insomnia last night I had a flashback to a particularly boring set of lectures I had at my first university. It was German political philosophy, which was fascinating in itself, but something of a false advertisement as we spent the majority of the semester err…not studying German philosophy. That added to the snore-dull, yet also oddly esoteric style of the lecturer meant that something I should have found interesting was not my cup of tea.

But we did cover some interesting things, and as I have an interest in philosophy anyway I read a lot on my own. And thought a lot on my own (usually sporting a beret, black coffee, and red wine, because pourquoi non?) Continue reading “Rousseau Would Turn in his Grave: The Social Contract | philosophy”