Post without Picture |living

My experience with mental health is perhaps not the most riveting reading subject you will stimble across today, but as I want to present my authentic self here, on my own ¬†writing platform, I feel it’s important to begin talking about it, slowly, slowly, as my own little chip in the block of society’s stigma surrounding it.

It also touches, indeed, on the issue of authenticity vs originality which is something I’m excited to write about in-depth soon.¬† Continue reading “Post without Picture |living”

Time for a Refresh


As-per my normal blogging stamina, this blog has been somewhat under-appreciated by me as of late. But it seems minimalism (once again) is about to come to the rescue.

Up until now I’ve been very good at the physical side of minimalism, but have been avoiding the mental side by lying to myself and telling myself that things “aren’t really so bad” or “I’ve already done it, I’m fine!”.

I say lying to myself because that really is what it was, when one comes down to the cold, hard facts. It’s not an easy thing to admit to, but since I have earlier this month, it has been easier to breathe.

Eisenach in January. Peaceful, calm, beautiful.

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