Authenticity vs Originality | minimalism

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My boyfriend is a composer (Yes! Modern day composers do exist!) and writes in a style I’d personally call “music I want to listen to”, in contrast to many of his peers who write things I’d consider more “sound art” which is brilliant, yet not exactly what you want to listen to when trying to enjoy a light-hearted breakfast or a romantic dinner. He regularly faces the dilemma, question, and exclaimation of many modern composers- and creatives in general- in an explicitly stated way: “Authenticity! Originality! Which is better? Which should one aim for?!”

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Post without Picture |living

My experience with mental health is perhaps not the most riveting reading subject you will stimble across today, but as I want to present my authentic self here, on my own  writing platform, I feel it’s important to begin talking about it, slowly, slowly, as my own little chip in the block of society’s stigma surrounding it.

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Rousseau Would Turn in his Grave: The Social Contract | philosophy

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Lying awake in the throes of insomnia last night I had a flashback to a particularly boring set of lectures I had at my first university. It was German political philosophy, which was fascinating in itself, but something of a false advertisement as we spent the majority of the semester err…not studying German philosophy. That added to the snore-dull, yet also oddly esoteric style of the lecturer meant that something I should have found interesting was not my cup of tea.

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Change is Okay? | minimalism

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Semesterpause is here!

This means little to me after my slight mental breakdown in December, except that I now have a boyfriend lounging around the flat all day and more excitement about the trip we’ll be taking eight days from now! The Germans have a word ‘Vorfreude’, literally ‘before-joy’ which precisely encapsulates the joy of expectation, and I think that it’s actually one of the most important joys you can get out of an experience.

So change is afoot with holidays and more relaxed schedules, but recently I’ve been feeling a lot of other changes, including sartorially, which have caught me slightly unawares.

Aesthetically, it is probably of little significance to others, but I have discovered a boredom and distain for my years-long habit of almost exclusively wearing black. I have an interest in blue and white striped shirts, navy, and -to my greatest shock- pastel PINK.

PINK! I’m a tomboy! I like dark colours. The last time I liked pink was when I had a pink room with a sparkly wall when I was six! I almost had a full-blown anxiety episode whilst acknowledging this last weekend. My boyfriend seemed bemused and didn’t understand why I was close to tears and demanding a cuddle.

But I’ve been reading a lot lately, and actually taking interest in the Minimalism Amino where I managed to calm myself down and remember exactly why minimalism is a good lifestyle for me. I value everything I own, I’m getting somewhere with my mental mess, and it’s not all about being perfect.

A change in fashion is okay. A change in direction is okay. A change in personality and having new aims is okay. In fact, it’s what’s supposed to happen. Minimalism allows us the breathing space to make these changes, and the point of minimalism and life itself is to change, and to allow yourself to change. Life is a journey and we never truly remain static.

So goddammit, I’m changing a lot of things. I’m changing, too. Change is brilliant. Variety is the spice of life. So no, I don’t feel bad about the striped shirt I bought last week, and who knows? Maybe I’ll buy that pink t-shirt and customise it sometime.

And maybe I’ll change and begin writing coherently and more regularly on my blog. This discipline is something that’s been on my mind a lot this week. But that’s for another day.

Weekend Delights #2

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The end of another week. For me it’s been more mellow and mediocre than last. Working through the nights really takes its toll for the few days afterwards and whilst I love bar work, I like regular closing times more. But when I arrived back last Sunday morning at daybreak my boyfriend had returned from holiday! So even in ‘bleh’ weeks there are highlights, and I think this weekend regular post will be a good occasion to remind me of the good things.  Continue reading “Weekend Delights #2”

Weekend Delights

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The weekend is here. It’s delightfully sunny here in my little corner of Germany and the chill which has been haunting the air for the past few weeks is receding and making way for spring. Whilst I love the cold, I’m very glad that this morning I can open all my windows and air the flat, making it seem like I’m doing something when I’m really just hugging multiple cups of coffee!

So the weekend is definitely off to a positive start, and today I want to commence a series in which I  share some of life’s small delights which buoyed me through the week and made me smile; a sort of ‘weekend favourites’ if you will. Hopefully at the end of every month I’ll do a round-up in a video, too! So, here we go!

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