Music is the best Medicine

Even when it feels like the world is crumbling around us, at least there are little things we can appreciate.

On Tuesday night I stayed up with The Dutchman and watched the American elections. Like most people I come across on the internet, I was so dumbfounded that such a vitriolic community succeeded in electing someone who must be the most under-qualified president in history.

But, one must see the silver linings. I love my home, I have a Dutchman who I adore, and will adore unto eternity, and I have ideas and passions. Minimalism, for me, is making time and space for the things which make you happy so that they can swell and fill the ‘empty’ space created by ‘purging’ or disavowing things which only created anxiety. So although I shall revel in every conversation regarding politics and keep my interest in it engaged, I choose to focus on the supposedly smaller things in life which bring me the most contentment and joy.

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